PlayStation 4 Games

This section collects all known PlayStation 4 Games. Several PlayStation 4 games have been confirmed. Beneath the list of confirmed games is a list of Rumored Games believed to exist which have yet to be officially announced.

Confirmed PlayStation 4 Games

These games have been confirmed specifically for PlayStation 4. See below for a list of games confirmed for “next-generation systems,” which suggests a PlayStation 4 release. Click on any of the games below for more information, videos and screenshots.

Game Developer Release Date
Aban Hawkins & the 1,001 Spikes Nicalis TBA
Amazing Spiderman 2, The Activision Blizzard TBA
Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag [n] Ubisoft 11.15.13
Assault Android Cactus [n] Witch Beam TBA
Awesomenauts: Assemble Ronimo Games 11.29.13
Backgammon Blitz The Fyzz Facility Winter 2013
Basement Crawl Bloober Team TBA
Battlefield 4 [n] EA DICE 11.15.13
The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth [n] Nicalis Spring 2014
Blacklight: Retribution Zombie Studios 11.5.13
Bound by Flame Spider’s Games Early 2014
Call of Duty: Ghosts [n] Infinity Ward 11.5.13
Carmageddon: Reincarnation Stainless Games TBA
Child of Light Ubisoft Montreal TBA
Contrast Compulsion Games 11.15.13
Cosmic Star Heroine Zeboyd Games TBA
The Crew Ubisoft Reflections TBA
The Dark Sorcerer Quantic Dreams TBA
Daylight [n] Zombie Studios TBA
DC Universe Online [n] Sony Online Entertainment 11.15.13
Deep Down Capcom TBA
Destiny Bungie TBA
Diablo III Blizzard Entertainment TBA
The Division Massive TBA
Doki-Doki Universe SCEA TBA
Don’t Starve Klei Entertainment TBA
Dragon Age Inquisition BioWare Fall 2014
DriveClub Evolution Studios 2014
Dying Light [n] Techland TBA
Dynasty Warriors 8 XL Techmo Koei 2.22.14
Elder Scrolls Online Bethesda/Senimax TBA
Escape Plan SCEA TBA
Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture [n] The Chinese Room TBA
FEZ [n] Polytron TBA
FIFA 14 [n] EA 11.15.13
Final Fantasy (PS4) Square Enix TBA
Final Fantasy XIV Square Enix TBA
Final Fantasy XV Square Enix TBA
Final Horizon Eiconic Games TBA
fl0w thatgamecompany TBA
Flower thatgamecompany 11.15.13
Galak-Z 17-Bit Games TBA
Guilty Gear Xrd Sign [n] Arc System Works 2014
Guns of Icarus [n] Muse Games TBA
Helldivers [n] Arrowhead TBA
Hohokum Honeyslug Ltd. TBA
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number [n] Dennaton Games and Devolver Digital 2014
Infamous: Second Son Sucker Punch 3.21.14
Injustice: Gods Among Us NetherRealm Studios 11.15.13
Just Dance 2014 Ubisoft 11.15.13
Killzone: Shadow Fall Guerrilla Games 11.15.13
Kingdom Hearts III Square Enix TBA
Kingdom Under Fire ll BlueSide TBA
Knack Studios Japan 11.15.13
LEGO: Marvel Super Heroes TT Games 11.15.13
The LEGO Movie Videogame TT Games TBA
Lords of the Fallen City Interactive TBA 2014
Madden 25 [n] EA 11.15.13
Mad Max Warner Bros. TBA
Mercenary Kings Tribute Games TBA
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Kojima Productions TBA
Middle-Earth:Shadow of Mordor Monolith Productions TBA
Mighty No. 9 Comcept TBA
Minecraft [n] Mojang TBA
Mirror’s Edge 2 DICE TBA
MLB 14 The Show SCE San Diego Spring 2014 [n]
N++ Metanet Q4 2013
NBA 2K14 2K 11.15.13 [n]
NBA Live 14 [n] EA 11.15.13
Need for Speed Rivals [n] EA TBA
Octodad: Dadliest Catch Young Horses, Inc. TBA
Oddworld: New n’ Tasty Just Add Water Fall 2013
The Order 1866 Ready At Dawn TBA
Outlast Red Barrels TBA
The Pinball Arcade Farsight Studios 11.15.13
PlanetSide 2 [n] Sony Online Entertainment TBA
The Playroom Sony 11.15.13
Pool Nation FX Cherry Pop Games Q4 2013
Primal Carnage: Genesis Lukewarm Media TBA
Project CARS [1] Slightly Mad 2014
Puddy Squad System 3 TBA
Rayman Legends Ubisoft Feb. 2014
Ray’s The Dead Rag Tag Studios TBA
Resogun XDEV 11.15.13
Rime Tequila Works TBA
Road Not Taken Spry Fox TBA
Rogue Legacy [n] Cellar Door Games TBA
Samurai Gunn [n] Teknopants TBA
Secret Ponchos Switchblade Monkeys TBA
Shadow of the Beast Heavy Spectrum TBA
Shadow Warrior Devolver Digital TBA
Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Wayforward Oct 2014
Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments Frogwares Studio Early 2014
Skylanders Swap Force [n] Vicarious Visions 11.15.13
Sniper Elite 3 [n] 505 Games TBA
SOMA Frictional Games 2015
Sound Shapes SCEA 11.15.13
Starbound [n] Chucklefish TBA
Star Wars Battlefront DICE TBA
Strider Double Helix Games 2014
Super Motherload XGenStudios 11.15.13
Switch Galaxy Ultra [n] Atomicom TBA
Tiny Brains Spearhead Games 11.26.13
Thief [n] Square-Enix 2014
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Patriots Ubisoft Montreal TBA
Tom Clancy’s The Division Ubisoft TBA
TowerFall Ascension IndieHouse Early 2014
Transistor Supergiant Games 2014
Trials Fusion Ubisoft 2014
UFC: Ultimate Fighting Championship EA Sports TBA
Uncharted Naughty Dog TBA
Valiant Hearts: The Great War Ubisoft Montpellier 2014
Velocity 2X [n] Futurlab TBA
Volume [n] Mike Bithell TBA
Warframe [n] Digital Extremes 11.15.13
War Thunder [n] Gaijin Entertainment 11.15.13
Wasteland Kings [n] Vlambeer TBA
Watch Dogs UbiSoft Montreal April-June 2014
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt CD Projekt RED 2014
The Witness Thekla, Inc TBA
Wolfenstein: The New Order MachineGames TBA

Games Coming to “Next-Gen Consoles”

These games may not have specifically been confirmed for PlayStation 4, but have been announced for “next-gen consoles.”

  • Visceral Star Wars Game: A report confirms that Dead Space developer, Visceral, has begun the hiring process to build a next gen Star Wars title.[n]
  • The Evil Within: The newest game from Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami was announced by Bethesda for a 2014 release on “next-generation consoles,” [n]
  • Cyberpunk 2077: This futuristic RPG is being developed by CD Projekt, using the brand new Redengine3. This game is an open world RPG that is based on the pen and paper game with nearly the same name. It’s likely coming to next-gen consoles. [n]
  • Human Element: Upstart developer Robotoki (a company founded by Robert Bowling, formerly the creative strategist for the Call of Duty franchise) is creating this ambitious, episodic project that is targeting next-generation gaming platforms of all kinds. Portions of the project will debut first on the Ouya platform, but the core portion of Human Element is a major release planned for 2015. [n]
  • Spec Ops: Yager, the European studio behind 2012’s cult favorite Spec Ops: The Line, is officially working on a new game. Epic Games has revealed that the company has licensed its new, next-generation engine — Unreal Engine 4 — to Yager for use in an “unannounced next-generation AAA game.”[n]

Rumored PlayStation 4 Games

These games might be coming to PlayStation 4, but “next-generation systems” have not been directly mentioned in announcements. Nevertheless, the information on the games below has been properly sourced.

  • Homefront Sequel: Perhaps titled Homefront 2, Crytek is developing this game. (and was the company that originally outed the Xbox 720’s Durango codename.)[n]
  • Mafia III: Rumors suggest that Mafia III is in development at 2K Czech and was delayed in order to shift to next-generation consoles. [n]
  • Naughty Dog Project – Naughty Dog co-president Evan Wells believes the prospect of developing for PlayStation 4 is “terrifying” as the studio looks into what its next project will be. [n]
  • Square-Enix “Luminous” Games – Square-Enix is showing off its “Luminous” tech engine, capable of highly realistic next-gen graphics. Luminous will make games 30% cheaper and shorten development cycles. [n]
  • Medieval RPG – Warhorse studio is currently working on an unannounced medieval RPG game. Its is being developed using a modifed version of CryEngine3.
  • Singularity: This project is rumored to be in development at Quantic Dream. They acquired the url in 2013, and the title “Singularity” has been connected to the company since at least 2012. The company’s “Kara” technology was originally showcased on PS3 hardware, but the characters and setting seen in the game could possibly be part of the next-generation Singularity project.
  • Peggle 2 – While confirmed, Peggle 2 has yet to be officially announced for any consoles.

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